Jagsters - Release

Ok, time for a bombshell. For the past 4 years I've secretly been working on a graphic novel called JAGSTERS, that I'm now finally able to start sharing with the world. It's been an insanely tense four years, filled with doubt, anxiety and some sort of blind belief that this rag-tag crew of misfits was going on an adventure worth putting to paper.

After 4 years the full 240-page beast of a graphic novel has been drawn and inked. It'll take me another year to get it all colored and ready for print, but you can already join me on this wild ride by heading to www.jagsters.com where you can read the first 25 pages for free. It would also mean the world to me if you share, like and subscribe to the newsletter.

Now strap in! You can expect weekly updates, so I hope you'll enjoy the adventure as much as I do.